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Encourage dialogue among women and men from different cultures and origins around questions regarding migration, peace and gender equality.

The aim is to be a platform with a feminist approach and an intersectional perspective for building networks to share, discuss, intervene and highlight the situation and conditions of women within the different power relationships regarding  gender and social injustices in Sweden and globally.

Feminist Dialog (FD) was established 2012 in Sweden as a feminist network and later on as a non-governmental organisation by the Iranian feminists living in Sweden and other countries.

Building a network among feminists and women's rights activists working for peace and gender equality, against discrimination, militarization and religious fundamentalism. This effort is in an ongoing process with other organisations and networks.


Building a network among women rights activists from Middle Eastern countries for peace and gender equality, against militarization and religious fundamentalism. This effort is in process with other organisations and networks.


Women Against Sanctions, War and Militarization of Middle East HERE


Women United for Future of the Middle East HERE 


Feminist Dialogue is also planning to organize seminars and workshops in Sweden regarding women from different cultures and religions and their social participation and perspectives for social problems in cities like Malmo.

Our latest projects and activities HERE 

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